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Andrew Burton-Jones

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Carolina A. de Lima Salge


One-stop repository of all MISQ social media content on articles, workshops, special issues, and editorials, across platforms


June 2020

Created By:

Arun Rai
Carolina A. de Lima Salge


The MIS Quarterly (also commonly referred to as MISQ) is a peer reviewed scholarly journal published by the Management Information Systems Research Center, in the Carlson School of Management, at the University of Minnesota.

The editorial objective of the MIS Quarterly is the enhancement and communication of knowledge concerning the development of IT-based services, the management of IT resources, and the use, impact, and economics of IT with managerial, organizational, and societal implications.

In this website you will find a repository of social media posts published by the MIS Quarterly. The objective is to help you more efficiently search for content by filtering through a variety of attributes (e.g., year, category) so that you won't need to endlessly scroll up and down to find that social media post you so desperately want to read and share with colleagues!

To send social media content related to your recently published MISQ article, please contact Carolina A. de Lima Salge ().